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Luigi ed Italo Nussio



Artists in Tarquinia

This website is dedicated to art activities of Luigi and Italo Nussio and to their diffusion.

Luigi Nussio was born in Tarquinia in 1921 where died in march 2004. He was a poliedryc artist with a large production in painting and sculture.
He was also a multiform writer, with pubblication of poetry books and some novels, partly still not well known. He published also romances, sometime with public success.
His work studio now is his permanent art exhibition.

Italo Nussio was born in 1916 in Castelnuovo di Porto (Roma) from a venetian father and mother from Tarquinia (VT). He is a second world war hero and patriot in the freedom war against nazi-fascism in Italy. He lived in Tarquinia and for forty years he was a very deep poet, delicate and at the same time careful to what is happening around. He published books with simple poetry, but with large values inside. He disappeared in December 2005, leaving an empty space difficult to be filled.

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